Message from the President Desk

We would like to thanks for our advisors, members and the responses we’re getting from everywhere. We also like to take this opportunity to mention here that we being an NGO are working on socially traumatic issues from root level through various kinds of activities since past few years with an objective of making our society civilized ideally.

Our Awareness focus area are schools & colleges Primarily, as they are nurturing the future citizens of India and schools are the base of any person’s life and if the right moral values are inculcated into the brain at this level, it is very rare that person forget that in whole of the life. At this level with the help of hon’ble teachers we would like to make an impact to all the childrens about these issues.

We’re glad and like to share with you all that people are willing to join hands for these noble causes we've raised, but since avoid initiatives because of their busy schedules. So we would like to invite each citizen of INDIA/ WORLD who are willing to make people aware about these issues. Just join us as per your availability and participate either physically, mentally or financially.

In our society everybody is putting their efforts in his/ her own ways. Most of us are willingly / unwillingly many time affecting our environment, Probably if someone make us aware for such issues and its ill-effects , we will start avoiding that.

This is the time when every one should think and come forward for our:

  • Environmental Global Warming.
  • Mediclaim facilities should be more friendly, even though we pay the premium at time.
  • Computer, ill-literacy in young generation (belongs to poor class students, who cann’t afford quality education)
  • Traffic nuisance, Jams- causing pollution, just because of no reasons.
  • Health awareness

We need to aware everyone about their rights and responsibilities for our society and governing bodies (either private / government) to act smartly in the goodwill of common men.

With these and even more themes we’ve initiated this team and looking for clean-Green-healthy-literate and more aware society.



With Best Wishes,


Vivek Vashistha