We’ll plant the trees in different areas, and help those who wants to do so. Also compaign and create awareness through posters, drawing competitions / quiz in schools / colleges , advertisement etc not to burn the garbage, sagrigate it categorically, reduce CO2 from the atmosphere. Even Make some dumping areas and treat those areas with Biological cleanning kind of products to reduce bad/ foul smell and decompose them without burning. So that we could help in preventing in reduction of ice-burgs, being caused by Global Warming, which would be the worst disaster , if happened ever.

Shri M L Parayaparan Awareness Club: In this group , awareness for plantation / Global warming / sagrigation of garbage from initial stage etc , through school., colleges and with the help of RWA will be done.



Smt Sharda Institute Of Computer Education for Rural Development ( SICERD) : In this group, software and hardware related education will be given to the children, who belongs to below poverty line and working in some area ( under age). This knowledge will be useful for office usage / practical use).



Laryngectomy Patient Care Group: In this group, below poverty line patients requiring medical / surgical treatment will be given financial help for the treatment free of cost. We would like to improve our mediclaim reimbursement poilicies, sothat any one can avail it more easily and effectively. Contact Head Office at 22131125




Traffic Awareness Group: In this group we would like to work with the students of school, colleges, beggers from red lights and involve/ aware them for on holding playcards for awareness by paying them some amount , sothat they can get out of the begging process. We welcome slogans on Traffic Sense from everyone . We also like to invite local industrialists, schools, RWA's to participate in such awareness programme, as traffic is becoming a problem for everyone, and if we think, many time JAM's Occurs- JUST for Nothing.




We’ll take up drains step by step and give natural bacteria treatment to the garbage/sludge, to decompose it into mineral ash, water and carbon-di-oxide with specifically selected natural bacteria and enzymes to environment safer and then after divert it the drain into river. It also can be used for drinking water plant. Provisioning of small treatment plant on yamuna river bank and a collection point before the yamuna bridge, Collection of Puja Samagree and drain out in the river after treating it to decompose in to mineral ash, water and carbon-di-oxide, thereby keeping hindu community beliefs and preventing river pollution.




We will help leprosy societies, which needs shelter / food/ opportunity to work. And will also help them in build/extend/construct their houses, sothat more number of person/ family in those ashrams, can be accommodated. Provisioning of lands for such constructions through proper channel / approval from concerned authorities. Thus the number of such beggers wondering on red lights crossing , mandirs etc can be reduced, which may otherwise lead to criminal activities. We’ll train them for low-tech jobs in their ashram or other working complex as per their ability and make them an active part of a project, sothat they can earn their livelihood without begging/living a disgraceful life. We’ll help them in operating their whole administration also.




We’ll observe, check and care the cows moving around the roads and in different areas, causing accidents and many times roaming here & there with injuries. We’ll help them in sending in Gow-Shallas in different areas. And also help them in getting food and shelter where they can be protected from cold / hot/ rainy weathers. We also wish to appoint / take help from some veterinary doctors to treat them free of cost.